Candy Crush Saga Hacks – Unlimited lives and all items cheats

Candy Crush Hacks

Introducing the all new Candy Crush Saga hack for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone for download. The hack is supported for Android, iPhone and PC or MAC users. If you’ve been stuck at a level for days or even months, this tool will help you surpass any and all levels with ease. Prepare to wow your friends with the highest scores and levels. Move up the levels in a matter of days or even a day. Candy Crush Saga is available to play on Facebook, on Android, on iPhone and even Kindle Fire. Listed below are the features and usage of this hack available for download.


  • Unlimited lives (no more begging friends or waiting for lives)
  • Every booster available and unlimited for free
  • Clears all jelly
  • All items are brought down to the bottom
  • Rearrange candy at your discretion

No more frustration or hoping for luck to pass a level. Don’t stress yourself out over it. Download the hack to pass any level. Bombs? No problem. With the hack, you can add time to the bombs at your discretion and the amount of time you want. Can’t clear all the jelly? Clearly not an issue with the hack as you can use unlimited “teeth” to chomp it up. Need to bring items down? This will be too easy with the hack. Either use the “teeth” to crush the candy to bring it down or manually rearrange candy to cheat and bring it down.


  • PC and Mac – Extract the rar and install the FireFox extension.
  • Android – Extract the rar and copy the apk file to your device and install the apk
  • Iphone – Extract the rar and install the ipsw file on your Iphone

Candy Crush Hacks Unlimited Boosters Cheat

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Boosters Hack Cheat 99 of everything